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Upgrading to #Windows 8.1 – Dosen’t Work ? here is a #FIX

a co-worker was just  facing a problem with upgrading his Windows 8 OS to 8.1, he went to the Official MS website, to run the update through the Windows 8 Metro App Store, but every time he failed and i faced...

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What is the need for #design ?! *

Design started as an art too many ages ago since the man learned to write and read,  he started by drawing,  drawing was the way to illuminate idea,  thought and  expression. Drawing or writing were the way to keep those...

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#CSS Rules: Padding

CSS gives us power to control many elements, in the past article we talked about CSS Margin Rule  , which is related to the outer space of an html element or any element, this time we will go deeper into the element...

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Fabric Check #Textures & Patterns – V.1

5 high quality Check Textures & Patterns Jpgs can be used easily with your designs in any image editing program like Photoshop. They all are 300 DPI, which mean they are suitable for any printing needs or can work as...

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#Colors needs practicing!

In my early days of design, i was restricted to few colors which i think vibrant and have high contrast, every time i saw a design or another works not mine, i felt negative, was asking my self where all...

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